Construction Progress Update 11-28-2017

Progress continues at– a rapid pace with all buildings showing substantial developments each week. Below is a little summary of where each residence is at!

Building A) from South to North

Residences 1-3: The interior walls of these units are now textured through all 4 floors with the exception of the garage. Everything is ready for cabinets and tiles to start going in, which could begin very soon!

Residence 4 - The drywalls of this unit were being textured today!

Building B) From South to North on location:

Residence 1 - Drywall is hung and has undergone tape and mud and is ready to be textured.

Residence 2 - The drywall is being touched up with tape and mud today.

Residence 3 - Drywall is hung in this unit through all 4 floors now and is ready for tape and mud, which will occur when unit 2 is finished.

Residence 4 - Workers were hanging the drywall in this unit today.

Single Family Units

Building C & D – Both buildings are in similar points of progress with much of the rough plumbing and mechanical work being set and electrical going in.

Phase 2: Buildings E and F are starting to go vertical with framing up for the ground level.