Construction Update - March 3rd

The homes on Marion and Asbury parallel with springtime themes, as the sight of the residences coming together makes you feel like whistling, even though your shoes are filled with slush and mud from the melted snow. Below are the updates.

Phase 1

Residences generally continue to be in an interim phase until gas is finalized, though the single family homes (buildings C&D) are progressing – both now have countertops installed in the kitchen and master bathrooms. Tiling in the master and guest bathrooms is sporadically being installed as well. (see attached pictures)

Phase 2

Building E now has rough electrical installed through residences 1258, 1268, and 1274 E. Asbury, and insulation was going in through all 5 residences today. (see attached pictures)
Building F also has insulation going in and drywall is stocked in each residence, ready to be hung. (see attached picture)