Construction Progress Update 4-23-2018

Phase I

Now that all of the heating and gas has been situated for the entire property, most work is being allocated towards getting the finishing touches into all four of the residences within Building A which includes elements like appliances, hardwood floor staining, and carpet installation.

The south most residence of Building A (2014 S. Downing) is the furthest along. This residence is expected to be complete and fully furnished by early next week. See attached pictures of the kitchen and dining room with some appliances already installed and hardwood floor stained. It looks beautiful, it will be really exciting to see the final product!

Exterior sewage work outside building D continues to progress with trenching and pipeline being laid. (see picture)

Phase II

Building G (single family home) continues to make stride with MEP.
Building E has stocked insulation throughout the residences which is a thrilling signal that rough MEP is nearing final completion.
Building F is nearly completed with the insulation stage, and drywall is stocked throughout all residences.

Stay tuned for more construction progress updates for Marion Place in the coming weeks!