Marion Place is Move-in Ready!

We’re happy to announce that all remaining homes at Marion Place are fully constructed and move-in ready. Contact our sales team to set up a showing today!

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Landscaping and Conduits

Building E (1288 – 1258 E. Asbury Ave): Work continues on the electrical and communication conduit lines between buildings E & F.

Building F (2011 – 2021 S. Marion St.) – Landscaping of the front exteriors along Marion St are scheduled to begin this week and capitalize on the nice weather.

Building G (SF 2005 S. Marion St.) – The kitchen chandelier and island pendants are installed as well as the kitchen backsplash.


Designer-selected finishes at Marion Place Denver

Each residence of Marion Place has one of three installed finish packages which make up the bathroom tiling. With that being said, the character of each and every home is unique because elements like kitchen backsplash, countertops, carpet type, wall color are independent to the package type and vary across the board. 

SO, here is a step by step guide of how to find the perfect home for you at Marion Place.

FIRST, go to the SPECIFICATIONS PAGE and explore which finishes you prefer over others.

SECOND, go to the PRICING AND AVAILABILITY PAGE and find which residences are available, and discover which bathroom finish package is installed.

THIRD/FIRST/ANYTIME, call redT Homes, the exclusive brokerage of Marion Place Denver, and schedule an on-site tour of any available residence you wish to see.

FOURTH/FIRST/ANYTIME, call redT Homes! Our friendly and knowledgeable sales team is available 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, and they are ready to answer any questions you may have, and help you find your perfect home at Marion Place that best fits your needs, wants, and lilfestyle.


News from Marion Place


Marion Place had a very successful Open House over the weekend. We enjoyed showing off these residences that we are so proud of. Being on site from the very beginning enables an enhanced appreciation for the final products – almost like watching your kids grow up – to become 1587 – 2310 SF homes with quartz countertops, mosaic glass backsplashes, and 2 car garages…

In any case, if you were unable to make the open house over the weekend. Please enjoy this complimentary taste of the kitchen. Contact redT Homes to schedule a showing and see the whole thing!

• Top – 2005 S. Marion St.     • Left – 1288 E. Asbury     • Right – 2019 S. Marion St.

• Top – 2005 S. Marion St. • Left – 1288 E. Asbury • Right – 2019 S. Marion St.


Phase 1 is wrapping up and looks great from the inside and out. We have heard a lot of chatter throughout and around the neighborhood of how good the site is looking (especially with landscaping and pavers in place) There is a definite excitement in the air, and we are proud to be a part of it.

Building E (1288 – 1258 E. Asbury) – All five residences now have installed cabinets, kitchen backsplash, and stained hardwood floors. These kitchens are beautiful with the island and large windows on the adjacent wall.

Building F (2011 – 2021 S. Marion St.) – Carpet is now installed in all four residences

Building G (2005 S. Marion St.) – This single family home has seen a lot of progress over the last two weeks. Cabinets and baseboards are now completely installed. Hardwood floors are stained and the interior is painted.

Construction Update

Phase 1:

Pavers are officially completely installed, and the site looks amazing.

Phase 2:

Building E: (1288 – 1258 E. Asbury) – Kitchen backsplashes are installed throughout all five residences, and hardwood floors are stained through the four southern residences.

Builidng F: (2011 – 2021 S. Marion) – Minor paint detail is being finished.

Building G: (2005 S. Marion) – Baseboards are being installed. Cabinets are installed in the kitchen as well as both the Master and Guest bathrooms. Tile work is progressing well throughout all bathrooms.


Construction Update - August 7th

The Curb appeal of Marion Place is skyrocketing with the grass and planters being in surrounding the phase 1 residences. The homes look beautiful from the inside and out!

Phase 1:

Paver installation is almost completed through Phase 1. The pavers are nearly connected to the alleyway between Building B and building E. The front entryways of Building B are complete. See attached pictures.

Building D has been cleaned and prepped for staging later this week

Construction Update - July 17th

Single Family Homes Phase 1:

The Curb appeal of Marion Place is skyrocketing with the grass and planters being in surrounding the phase 1 residences. The homes look beautiful from the inside and out!

Concrete work for the alley way between phase 2 buildings is complete (see photo before)

Building E (1288 E. Asbury – 1258 E. Asbury) – Countertops are being installed along with plumbing fixtures. Bathroom tile work is finishing up as well. These residences are really starting to come together and they look great. (see attached master bath picture)

Building F (2011 – 2021 S. Marion) – Stucco work has commenced on the exterior of the building (see attached pictures)


Construction Update - July 10th

Preparation continues between the Phase 1 buildings for the paver work to commence.

All Phase 1 Buildings continue on punch items and finalizing of last minute modifications.

Phase 2:

Building G (Single Family – 2005 S. Downing) – Tape and Mud work was beginning today.

Building E (1288 E. Asbury – 1258 E. Asbury) – All five residences have completed tape and mud, they have been textured, and applied with white paint covering

Building F (2011 – 2021 S. Marion St) – All four residences have hardwood floors installed, cabinets installed in the kitchen and bathrooms, and general tiling work complete in the bathrooms. Light fixtures are also starting to be stocked. – residence 20, 2021 S. Marion, has installed light fixtures with the exception of the dining room chandelier.


Construction Progress Update 4-23-2018

Phase I

Now that all of the heating and gas has been situated for the entire property, most work is being allocated towards getting the finishing touches into all four of the residences within Building A which includes elements like appliances, hardwood floor staining, and carpet installation.

The south most residence of Building A (2014 S. Downing) is the furthest along. This residence is expected to be complete and fully furnished by early next week. See attached pictures of the kitchen and dining room with some appliances already installed and hardwood floor stained. It looks beautiful, it will be really exciting to see the final product!

Exterior sewage work outside building D continues to progress with trenching and pipeline being laid. (see picture)

Phase II

Building G (single family home) continues to make stride with MEP.
Building E has stocked insulation throughout the residences which is a thrilling signal that rough MEP is nearing final completion.
Building F is nearly completed with the insulation stage, and drywall is stocked throughout all residences.

Stay tuned for more construction progress updates for Marion Place in the coming weeks!